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Authors: ThePaperMaskThePaperMask, Whisper1Whisper1
Name: ThePaperMask's and Whisper1's SCP-4000 proposal.

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Safe Explained Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:


Addenum 4000.1:

Addenum 4000.2:

Addenum 4000.3:

-medieval: renaissance, religion, "already taken by a Christian medieval "we need to protecc the human from the devils creation" foundation"
-The internal destruction of the medieval foundation (we really need a name(
And le Twist is that O5-1 was a "high priest" of the medieval foundation
-History as the stories we tell ourselves, that our societies tell us. The people in it take on the aura of fictional characters, to be read and studied and resurrected anew in analyses and biographies. Sometimes they make their way into fiction, the logical extension of this view. "I arise again the same though changed."

It divided the medieval Foundation from the inside out, and they could not stand against raiders/containment breaches which scattered all the items they had collected.

What could divide a medieval Foundation?

Combine Renaissance, religion -> some Leonardo-esque anomalous genius wanted to make heaven-on-Earth, make saints?

a large machine, fed by a subterranean spring, in an underground cave (probably Lourdes considering the subject matter). It reconstructs people from relics/records/descendants (the people take on the minds and states if used, and the machine uses the spring water and the particles in it otherwise). The people reconstructed (SCP-4000-1) have "blood" composition similar to the water from that spring. Their mentalities depend on the materials that went into their reconstruction.

The medieval Foundation was split by arguments about subjecting their condemned to the machine to make them into good and useful people and arguments about the creator of the machine hijacking the redemption offered by God.

"It's an old, old story, that we become our enemies in the process of fighting them."

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